5 easy tips to learn coding

By  Shaurya Singh    57 - 25 July, 20
5 easy tips to learn coding

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Are you interested in programming but don't seem to get where to start from? and how to learn coding?

Well, you can put your worries to a rest. Here, I am going to give you 5 easy tips to learn coding. These tips are not only for people who want to enter into the world of programming but also for seasoned programmers. Let's dive right in.

1) What language should I start with?

This is perhaps one of the most common question people have when they step into the world of programming. The answer to this question is quite straightforward - 'There Is No Perfect Programming Language'. A programming language is essentially just a tool that we use to solve a problem. It is not too different from any hardware tool. For example, screw-drivers come in different shapes and sizes but no  one screw-driver is better than the other. Rather, they all solve one problem, that is, fixing a screw. Similarly, there are various programming languages in the world and the popularity of one does not imply that it is better than the other. A web-developer will tell you that JavaScript is the best programming language, an android developer will tell you that Kotlin is the best. At the end of the day, what matters is that what are you trying to do with your tool. If you want to make a website learn JavaScript, if you want to make a software learn C. The good news is that the fundamental concepts: loops, conditionals, functions, etc. all remain the same and the difference is only syntactical.

2) It's ok to be Wrong


One of the biggest reasons that people start programming but end up dropping it is because of the sheer number of errors that you encounter. Even I had been disheartened and became irritated with the number of errors that I encountered when I started programming. But, you must always remember that mistakes are your friends and will always teach you something new. Make mistakes and learn from them. Debugging a program is perhaps one of the best ways to enhance your problem solving and programming skills. You need to face the reality that you cannot be writing perfect code without errors all the time, you are eventually going to face an error, but the key is to keep going; look up what the error means, try and understand what works and why it works and try out different approaches for the same problem.

3) Make a project

I cannot stress this point enough. Most programmers who have just started to learn to code just sit going through lectures and articles learning to program without applying their knowledge into the real world. This monotonous style of learning will eventually result in you giving up programming. Instead what you should do is take up a project you are interested in, breakup the project into smaller modules and work your way around solving the smaller problems and before you know you will have created your very own working project. This will not only help you to learn new concepts but making a project and seeing a tangible result in front of you will be a great boost for your morale. It will encourage you to go ahead and start more projects and maybe you may stumble upon the Next Big Thing in the world.

4) Take a Break


I myself have read several of such articles on how to start programming. But, most of them miss to include this crucial point. TAKE A BREAK. Several times you will be stuck for hours figuring out why your program is not working or how to solve a particular problem. The best solution is often to take a break. Go for a run, play football, do anything to get your mind off the problem. You will see that many times taking some time away from the problem will give you an idea on how to solve it. Plus, doing some physical activity will also help you to get in shape. So there's no real downside to taking a break to go for a run.

5) Show your work

You have worked hard and have finally created an awesome project. Now, show it to other people. There are several sites like github where you can put your program for others to see, use and further develop. Showing people your work will allow others to have a look and suggest changes to make your program better. This will not only help you gain recognition but also help you develop as a programmer by seeking inputs from other seasoned programmers on how to make your program better.

These tips are not a sure shot way to become one of the best programmers and your learning process may vary, but this is how I personally learn and has worked really well for me.

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