Earn 100$ per day through google adsense

By  AVI    57 - 01 January, 70

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You want to earn money through your website or blog but don't know the right way, how to could you earn and how to use Google AdSense wisely. Do you have a website or blog which has some good content regarding programming, NoobtoDev provides you the best option to showcase your website or blog to the world.

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What is Adsense?

Adsense is an intent by Google through which you can show advertisements on your website or blog. The ads are sorted for you like Google only shows those ads which are relatable to the content of your website or blog and on the basis of user's interest. Adsense is free and easy to use and monetize. If you apply for Google Adsense, Google takes 3-4 days to check your website that is it ready to show ads. If it doesn't then you have to make changes or improve the content of your website or blog and then you can apply for Adsense again. You can add multiple sites on the AdSense account.


Adsense is free and easy to use, let's dive into how it works.

  • Signup or login on Google AdSense to get started
  • Choose the ads you want to show on your website
  • Select the space where you want to display the ad
  • Copy & Paste the code of the ad you want to display
  • It took a Lil time to show the ad on the website or blog

Making money through Google AdSense

Google pays you money on the basis of views, clicks on the ad and impressions. Apart from other ways such as CTC, Google pays you up to 1.5$ for 1000 ad impressions depending upon from where you are getting the Ad impressions.

There are some phrases in google AdSense, let's discuss it.

  • CPC - CPC is Cost Per Click, Google pays you whenever a user clicks on your ad.
  • CTR - CTR is Click-through rate, It is the number of times of ad clicks per each ad impression. CTR is calculated as CTR = Clicks/Ad Impressions * 100
  • CPM - CPM is Cost per 1K impressions and you'll earn money each time a CPM ad is shown.

For making 100$ dollars a day, your ad views must be more than 32000 or ad clicks should be greater than 350. For getting a large number of views your website or blog should have good content. Google starts paying you once you reach the threshold amount of 100$. If the threshold amount is not completed in the month it is added to another month.

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