Google stadia the netflix of gaming

By  Harsh Vardhan    41 - 01 January, 70

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Today, the world of gaming has reached a point where the difference between reality and the in-game world has shrunk manyfold. The need for a capable machine that can run any game at decent framerates has also risen. But not everyone can afford a machine that can run all the latest games at the highest settings. You will have to shell out a considerable amount of money for that. Assembling a gaming PC, buying a gaming laptop or a console is not everyone's cup of tea.

What if I told you that you can play all the demanding titles at 4K 60fps without getting a $1000 machine or any console like the Xbox? It seems impossible, right? Well, the guys at Google have other things in mind. Google Stadia is a cloud-based platform for gaming that requires no additional hardware and is easy to use. All you need is an Internet connection and a device that supports Google Chrome. It allows players to record or stream their gaming sessions as well. Stadia is built on Linux servers and uses Vulkan as it's graphics API. For reducing latency while playing games Google developed its own controller for Stadia.

The controller comes inbuilt with Google Assistant that will search for videos related to the game in case the players need it. The launch time of Google Stadia is November 2019. The launch will take place in 14 countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and the United States. Stadia will require a minimum of 10Mbit/s internet connection for streaming games. The games can be streamed on a PC or even your mobile device as the Stadia controller can be connected to a smartphone as well.

Google Stadia is transforming the way people play games. Google's vision to enable everyone to play the latest games without any expensive hardware is revolutionary. Today anyone can get a taste of gaming really low prices. Stadia will also change the outlook of people towards gaming machines and consoles. As of now, not every game can be streamed on Google Stadia, but once it does happen, will it be the end of gaming consoles? Will Microsoft and Sony come up with something to compete with Stadia?

All we can say right now is that the future of gaming is on the verge of an immense change and Stadia is just the beginning.