How Hacker’s Hide Secret Message Inside an Image

By  Nishant Tiwari    67 - 28 July, 20

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Steganography is the process of hiding secret messages in plain display, with the help of this process, the hackers or attackers can keep their secret
message hidden from others and send safely to the receiver end. The main purpose of steganography is to keep all the communication secure.
Hiding the information behind the image is simply known as image steganography.

There are many online and offline tools to hide your message behind the image some are:


To hide secret message in a cover image

Steps to hide a text message or secret file in a cover image are:

1. First open the mobilefish link

2.  Select Encrypt option and upload a cover image



3. Then, upload a secret file or type any secret text message



4.  Enter a password to encrpt the message



5. Solve the captcta and click on encrpt button



6. Finally, download your encrypted image


To Unhide secret message from a encrypted image

Steps to unhide secret message froma encrypted image are:

1. With the same link, Select decrpyt option


2. Upload the encrypted image


3. Enter the required password to decrypt the encrypted image and solve the captcta too



4. Now, you can see your secret message in the secret message textbox



This is How Hacker’s Hide Secret Message Inside an Image, i hope you learnt something new today. so keep learning!!