How to create free website on Wordpress

By  Nishant Tiwari    101 - 05 August, 20

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There are lots of site builders where can you design your site but if you want to create a free site that is available for lifetime with community support then WordPress is the best choice for you, It is the best and easiest platform to create your own website in just a few minutes. Here you can choose from more than 350 themes for your website. It is very flexible and simple that you can create any kind of website you want like a personal blog, business website, portfolio, news website, online community, etc. It is also optimized for search engines and there are lots of plugins that you can also integrate into your website. It provides more than 70 plus language for building your website. The website you create on WordPress is fully optimized and compatible with any browser. Most of the WordPress websites are now mobile-friendly. It also has a very supportive community suppose, If you have any doubt or question then ask a question on the WordPress forums and you can get help as soon as possible. You can also analyze your site stats and insights. Learn wordpress free, these are the resources from where you can start learning wordpress for free.


How to create free website on Wordpress ?

You can create your website anywhere, it works on any device such as mobile, tab, or desktop. The website which you built on the WordPress site is always available, secure, and automatically backup immediately. There are basically numerous plans and pricing according to your needs, and in this blog, I am gonna show you how to create a free website so, I choose to start for the free option, you can choose any of these.



Then, you need to register on WordPress and follow some steps. First, select what kind of site are you building.




After that, you need to enter a topic which your site is about and then type your website name, don't think too much you can change it anytime. Then, enter your site domain name and choose the following extensions for your domain. I select free one, if we choose free then there is a sub-domain which is added after our domain such as if your domain is techwithnishanttiwari then it will display as



Once you pick a plan then you are all set, now you can now customize your site according to your needs, if you want to customize your site then click on Design and then Customize, now you can change your site identity such as site title, add logo, set tagline, and also add site icon. You can also add menus, widgets, and additional CSS.