How to prepare for Amazon Interview

By  HarshVardhan    17 - 21 September, 22
Amazon interview questions

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Amazon is a well-known and influential tech company, not just for its goods and services but also for the countless outstanding job chances it offers to tech enthusiasts. However, it is not very simple to gain worthwhile career possibilities at Amazon, such as Amazon SDE or Amazon SDET, since you must pass through and pass numerous interview rounds in order to finally secure a position. You need to have done a serious level of preparation, especially to answer the coding questions presented in the Amazon interview. Amazon is a well-known and influential tech company, not just for its goods and services but also for the countless outstanding job chances it offers to tech enthusiasts.

Completing an online evaluation that includes a coding test is a crucial step in Amazon's hiring process for software development engineers. Take this sample code challenge to get ready for the experience. You can get used to the surroundings and practise answering practise questions that are comparable to the actual assessment. You may click through this as many times as you like!

Amazon Interview Experience

In this article i've shared my whole interview experience, and other helpful resources and how i got my offer letter from Amazon. Amazon has various rounds before taking you in. So, I had 3 rounds during the process. The first one was a coding and aptitude round.


After getting shortlisted for the interviews, I had 2 technical interviews. I've shared the details below in the article.

Second round of Amazon Interview

The interview started with a general introduction. What I would suggest is keep your introduction short and include information that matters like your work and areas of expertise.

After the introduction he asked about my research paper like the motivation behind it, the technologies used, my responsibilities in the paper and why I used a particular algorithm and not the other.

Then he asked me two coding questions:

First Question: Daily Temperatures

Second Question: Sum of given n fractions in reduced form

So these were the questions in the second round. I started with the brute force and then gave an optimized approach. He made me code only the optimized solution for both the problems.

Third round of Amazon Interview

The interview started with my introduction and then some questions related to Amazon leadership principles(make sure you read them and understand them well). She asked me questions like suppose you’re working on a project and you get stuck somewhere and you’ve tried everything in your knowledge. How do you handle such cases where you’re unable to reach a solution and have also tried every solution you thought would work?

Then she moved to coding questions:

First Question: Candy Problem

Second Question: Policemen Catch Thieves

I was able to do both the problems. I struggled a little in the second one but eventually came up with a solution. Just tried to speak whatever I was thinking and kept trying the test cases and asking follow up questions to understand the problem better. That helped in getting to a solution.

Amazon Interview Questions

Here are the most Frequently asked questions in Amazon Interview. Amazon Interview Questions .

Amazon has also prepared a sample coding challenge on hackerrank to practice. There are two questions in this sample coding challenge by Amazon.

Preparation for Amazon Interview

Before going to an interview for a tech job, you are not need to be familiar with any particular programming language. However, proficiency in a well-known language is typically a requirement for success. The syntax of languages like C, C++, C++14, C#, Go, Java 7, Java 8, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, PyPy2, PyPy3, Python 2, Python 3, Ruby, Scala, and Swift should be familiar to you. Additionally, you should be familiar with some of the complexities of the languages, such as how memory management functions and the most popular collections, libraries, etc.

* Data Structures and Algorithms

* Solve questions on Leetcode daily. Look for good problems online. Striver’s SDE sheet is a great place to get some quality questions.

* Start with easy questions and slowly increase the level of the questions.

* Remember number of questions you solve doesn’t matter. The kind of questions you do, matters the most. You can solve 100 great problems and make it into companies like Amazon and Microsoft, provided you understand the concepts well. At the same time you can solve 400 problems but if you forget the concepts behind them, you won’t be able to explain your approach properly.

* Be consistent. Solving 2 good problems everyday is much better than doing 10 problems once in a while.

* Know your projects, the challenges you faced, the tech stack used, the idea behind it and future improvements.

* During the interview, try not to stay silent. Think out loud. Explain your thoughts even if you feel you might be incorrect. Remember its a conversation not an exam.

I hope you liked the article and gain some knowledge. Do practice the challenge and other coding problems. and good luck for the future opportunities.