How to start programming

By  Ashutosh Bisht    40 - 01 January, 70

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First of all, we need to know what programming is all about and why do we need to learn programming.

Computer programming is giving a command or set of instructions in a proper sequence to the computer to perform a specific task. It requires logical thinking and reasoning to solve the problems. These also include the daily life problems.

Why programming is needed?

Computers are easily able to perform various as well as repetitive tasks faster and accurately hence we can program it to do work according to our needs.

Some of the examples based on computer programming are:

  • Calculator : It is based on basic programming according to the calculations.
  • Websites : Computer programming is the backbone of the websites such Php,Nodejs,Java,Python etc.
  • Automated Work : We can automate various tasks using computer programs, some major examples are automated cars, AI Robots, Machines etc.
  • Medical : Programming is also helps in the field of Medical research and help in analysing huge amounts of data and then help doctors to treat the patient.
  • Creating Games : The softwares or the environment that are used for creating the games are solely based on programming.
  • Animations : Programming is also used in creating animations and VFX effects for movies.

Are you a noob in programming, let's get started and begin programming,

Programming is just as easy like you're solving a trigonometry problem.

You need to choose the field of your interest. It's not necessary but it could help you to reach to the respective field. There are various fields in   Computer Programming.

Various Fields of Computer Programming:

  • Software Development : Making softwares and drivers for hardware to make them function.
  • Web Development : it is the development of website for the internet. It has two parts both front end and back end development.
  • Mobile Native and Cross Platform : it basically deals with the softwares or problems related with mobiles i.e. android.
  • Data Science and Big Data : in general it involves programming  related to a unified concept of data analysis, statistics in order to understand data.
  • Machine Learning and A.I
  • Internet of Things (IoT) : IOT devices has Programming strength.
  • Robotics : It involves the functioning of robots according to the program.
  • Computer Graphic and Animation :Special effects and VFX in movies are created.
  • Video Games : It deals with the programming related to development of gaming models.
  • Cloud Computing : The programs are created through the programming.

There are many other fields of computer programming, you can explore and the one you are interested in.

Fields of programming in details

Select a programming language which is best suitable for the field which you have selected.

  • Web Development : JavaScript,PHP, .NET,DJANGO,JAVA etc.
  • Mobile native and Cross platform : Objective C, Swift, Java,Kotlin,REACT NATIVE etc.
  • Data Science or Big Data : R , Python, SQL, JAVA
  • Machine Learning and A.I : Python , C++,C
  • Internet of things(IoT) : Java,C ,C++
  • Cloud Computing : The SQL data language, XML Data language.

Start With A Good Book

Select a good book of the language you are learning. You can take advice from experts in the respective field and can check the reviews on e-commerce website on the internet. Try to solve the examples given in the book on your own.

Get a suitable Interpreter

Get a good interpreter or a good compiler for running your programs. You can use a suitable IDE(Integrated Development Environment) according to the type of programming you are doing. For example - Codeblocks is an IDE and GCC compiler for C, C++.Atom and Sublime text are for web development.

Start learning from online tutorials and online websites

You can start learning from online tutorials from YouTube and other websites like NoobtoDev and Noobtodev have all the resources available. These resources and tutorials will help you to get complete vast knowledge about programming.

Solve Problems Online

Get into online coding and solving problems, competitive coding one of the best ways to improve your coding skills. Websites like Hackerrank, Hackerearth, etc are online coding platforms.

Develop Your Own Ideas

Try to develop your own ideas and form a working program. You can get ideas related to daily life problems, this will be your project and will help you to make a good portfolio.

Start Another Language

It's not hard to move from one programming language to another after knowing one particular programming language. You just need to know about the syntax of that language. Follow the same steps for the next language and go on like this.

I hope these steps will give you a complete idea of how to begin with programming and how to continue it further.