Laws of UX with Examples

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laws of ux with examples

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User Experience(UX) is how the people interact together along with your product via usability, accessibility, and desirability. Creating an experience involves not just making the application simple to use, but also creating other experiences that are directly tied to the product, such as the marketing campaign, the packaging, and the post-purchase assistance. Delivering solutions that solve demands and pain areas is what UX design is most concerned with, by far. Applications those have no utilities will never be used, after all.

“The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.”  Co-Creator of Mozilla Firefox

But sometimes your layout may be a complete waste, if you didn't follow the laws of UX. So right here are legal guidelines you want to observe for an legit product. Here are important laws of UX with examples, if you follow these rules - the product or the result would be efficient and UX friendly. User's can interact and understand easily.

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UX laws with Examples

Miller's Law


Millers laws


This one of the Laws of UX states that the number of objects an average person can hold in working memory is about seven, also known as the Magical number seven, plus or minus two.

Fitts Law


Fitts law


The longer the distance and the smaller the target's size, the longer it takes.

In 1954, psychologist Paul Fitts, inspecting the human motor system, confirmed that the time required to transport to a goal relies upon the gap to it, but relates inversely to its size. By his regulation, rapid moves and small objectives bring about extra mistakes rates, because of the speed-accuracy trade-off. Although a couple of editions of Fitts` regulation exist all embody this idea.


Fitts law example


Fitts law encouraged people to create CTA buttons (in particular on finger-operated mobile devices)—smaller buttons are more difficult (and time-taking) to click.

Jakob's Law


Jacobs law


This Law of UX states that the users spend most of their time on other websites. This means that the users prefer your website to work the same way as all the other websites they already visited.

Law of Proximity


law of proximity


Law of proximity is well defined as the things which are closer to each other appear similar than the things which are farther apart.

Parkinson's Law


Parkinsons law


It states that Work expands to fill the time available for its completion. For example, If the work needs to finish in 2 weeks then it should be finished in 2 weeks.

Von Restorff Effect


Von Restorff Effect


When numerous comparable items are present, the one that varies from the rest is most likely recalled, also known as the Isolation Effect. You may use design to make critical information or key activities stand out from the crowd.

Hicks Law


Hicks Law


The length of time it takes to make a decision is determined by the number of options and their complexity. For example, if there are too many options, the user may take a long time to make a decision. So, strive to keep things simple, and don't overload consumers by showing the preferred solutions. Also, to reduce cognitive burden, employ incremental onboarding. Apply the KISS principle to keep things simple.

Serial Position Effect


Serial Position Effect


According to this impact, the first and final terms are most often recalled. A decent thumb rule is to put the least important items in the center of the list and the most vital information between the first and last series.

Zeigarnik Effect


Zeigarnik Effect


According to the Zeigarnik effect, unfinished or interrupted tasks are more likely to be recalled. You may use a basic progress bar to assist consumers recall certain unfinished activities.

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