The Y2K bug

By  Gaurav Tewari    104 - 01 January, 70

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Y2K was one of the major problems which were encounter by the computers of 99's it created a rush hour in the industries in that time and lead to rush hour in the industry.
The y2k bug was a problem in the code of the computer, at that time storage was too costly so, programmers used two-digit code to save the year, which is also called the Linux time. for example, the year 1970 was saved as 70, in computerized systems. this created a major problem as the year 2000 would be saved as 00 and the computer will misinterpret it. which leads to rush hour in the Industry. This simple error could have caused a million dollars to the companies.

How this bug was a problem?

This bug may cause some serious issues in banks, airports, power plants, in Banks. If the bug has not been fixed this bug has been lead to the calculation of wrong simple interest (basically negative simple interest) which might lead to a banking disaster. Maybe people would have lost there trust and money from the bank.

In the Transport system
The transport system would be affected as we need the correct date and time would be needed for making a schedule of buses, planes and even trains. The tickets printed using a computer might have a wrong date stamp, or even all scheduled tasks such as arrival and departure of buses and trains might have stopped.
In Power Plants
Even the bug would have caused the damage to many power plants that used the computer for there schedule maintenance and making a log of various materials stored in power plant

How the y2k bug was solved?

There was not a particular solution to the y2k problem, it was solved by hiring professional who used to have a basic knowledge of computers, these professionals were from developing countries like India and they just used to replace the two-digit year code the four-digit year code manually. Over $30 million was spent to solve this problem in the UK and the USA. The Y2K bug is also among the major industry's disaster.


What is coming next?

There is a similar problem coming in 2038 know as the 2038 bug, which is caused due to the 32- bit processor and there limitations to processing data. This problem is the next big version of the 2038 problem and it might lead to sever more damage if not fixed in time, as now computers are everywhere then 2000s but many of us have shifted to a 64-bit processor, and many of the researchers say it might not be a major problem as we might not be using a 64-bit processor in the year 2038.