What is coding?

By  Shivam Chauhan    183 - 01 January, 70

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Everyone asks for, What is coding and How to learn coding? Let me show you what actualy it is

Demand of coding is increasing daily and number of people showing interest in coding also. Each and every company have need of coders and they're also paying some good amount of money for it.

This article would help you to understand some concepts regarding coding. To understand coding, lets dive in and move forward to see what actually is coding and how to learn coding?

What is Coding?

Coding is writing lines of codes to perform any specific task and it can be done by any language which computer machine understands. Although many computer languages are available nowadays such as Html, Java, javascript, C#, C++, PHP, Python, Swift, SQL, Ruby, etc. Doing Coding and learn to code is important in our daily life, everyone should know how to code. Coding is helpful in automation, calculation, managing data, analyzing the data and to make applications and types of software. Coding is a medium to establish a connection and communicate with systems. As we're seeing the world is changing, technologies are changing and growing rapidly, people are becoming dependent on A.I, Machine learning, IoT and Robots, coding is the backbone of these technologies.


Coding and writing a code is not as much hard as students and people think, students and people do hesitate as they gonna make it coding or not. What is there to hesitate in learning something atleast give it a shot, learn to code wont waste your time. Now you know what is coding, its time to move ahead towards how to learn coding and how to master in coding?

How to learn coding?

Learn to code is an easy task but still, many students and people don't try to understand the concept clearly and then they themselves set a mindset that coding is hard to learn and understand. No, you've gone too far! To learn coding, you've to google some good coding websites, go through some coding tutorials, or videos and check their content and follow them for a month and you could easily learn the particular coding language. Isn't it easy? Thats actually a basic layout to learn coding. Learn to code needs patience and constant practice, without practice reading articles, Watching tutorial videos and following them for months will become wastage of time and you gonna start thinking coding is hard to learn and this won't help you out, so learn and practice daily. Do participate in coding compititions and quizes, these activities will open your mind and and do focus on what you doing wrong and try to solve it. Such activities will also nourish your coding skills, the way to think and it will boost your confidence. If you got stuck somehwere, try to take help from your teachers or from your friends and even Google has all your problem's solution.

I would say that learning must be a part of your hobbies, learning will never make you out of the track, it is not harmful at all but purposeful learning helps in a great way.

How to master in coding 

For becoming a master, you've to work hard on one particular coding language and what I would suggest is sharing your knowledge with others who wants to seek knowledge. Sharing knowledge will enhance your coding skills and you won't be able to forget it in the future.

There's one old well-known Latin principle 'The best way to learn something is to teach it' so if your friend asks you to teach him, teach him wisely. Problem-solving, a person should have clear thoughts and could think about how a problem can be solved. Dedication and efforts are factors that help in transforming skills. When someone puts effort into something, it will surely give a better positive result and signifies the commitment of a person towards achieving its goals. Practice, the importance of practice is bigger and higher. We are very much aware of 'Practice makes a man perfect' a well-known quote. As you've learned how to code or how to write functions in the program. Functions are small and big, which are reusable. There's a way to create a function so, it needs lots of practice and understanding of functions. As such lots of practice and understanding are needed to become a master in coding.

Advantage of coding

Coding is used in all the fields nowadays, there are lots of advantages of coding

  • Coding helps you to think, it opens the mind.
  • Coding will assist you in the understanding of technology.
  • Coding creates lots of paths for a living.
  • People are getting their business online by making blogs and a website for their business. Understanding of coding will assist you to get into such technical stuff and how it actually works.
  • Coding will help a person to get a good valuable job.

If you want to master in coding, practice any of these. We've made it simpler for you!

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