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Get paid for Writing articles

  •   NoobtoDev provides a whole environment to write the article.
  •   Calling all the students and content writer to write article for us and get paid.
  •   Its free, NoobtoDev doesn't charge to publish your article!! what are you waiting for, Get paid for writing articles.

How much NoobtoDev pays for writing articles

  • Write a good article with worthy content, content matters. The content which can attracts the users to read your article.
  • NoobtoDev pays 1$ per 1000 views on your articles, the more users attracts to your articles - the more you'll earn.
  • Write more articles and finish your threshold of 1000 views faster and get paid.
  • You can write maximum 3 articles a month.
  • After reaching the threshold of 1$ for the articles, the money will be transferred to you on your reliable payment method within 24 hours.
  • Reliable payment methods such as Paytm, Phonepe, Google Pay and Paypal.
  • Make sure you've entered the correct phone number and email on your NoobtoDev account, then we'll send an email for the verification of your number before crediting money.
  • Good tip to earn more money - share your article with your friends on social media, make a good use of your networks.

Learn, Write and Earn

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Instructions to be followed

  • NoobtoDev is for the Tech enthusiasts and coders. so, the article must be Technical.
  • Heading should be eye catching and should not be too long.
  • The article should consist of minimum 600 words.
  • Please do check your spelling mistakes and the article shouldn't have any grammatical mistakes.
  • The article should not be copied from somewhere else and can't be published elsewhere.
  • Once the article has been submitted for publication it undergoes a careful review process that ensures its conformity of valid content.
  • By using technology throughout, we expect that the review process will move quickly and check the article is under considerations for publication.
  • Articles accepted for publication are copyrighted by NoobtoDev.
  • Start getting paid for writing articles.

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