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NoobtoDev Community guidelines

NoobtoDev community is a community of peoples, students and Developers who are dedicated for coding or programming. NoobtoDev is happy to share this news and welcomes you to the community. N2D community is owned by NoobtoDev. Each and everyone can share their knowledge and participate in the community. N2D community is to help and solve your specific problems regarding coding or programming.

  • The Question should be technical and you should elaborate the problem.
  • The Question should have proper title and it should not be too long.
  • Be clear and be specific regarding your problem so, that the peoples could understand your problem.
  • Answersing your problem will be easy. If you show and elaborate the problem.
  • Do not mislead or misbehave in the community, using of abusive or disrespecting words are not allowed. If it is noticed by the N2D team, your account could be banned for some time from the community.
  • NoobtoDev is a community and we expect you to treat each member of the NoobtoDev community with respect.
  • Help us to build a better community for the people, students and Developers.
  • Question will be removed from the community if it does not follow our community guidelines.
  • Answer will also get removed if it does not follow the community guidelines.
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